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Lecture Series 2023

Indigenous Visual Arts and the Paradoxes of Building Indigenous Identities Through Contemporary Art  A critical tour through the visual arts of the indigenous Peruvian Amazon since their irruption in Lima at the end of the last century will be presented. We will note how the themes developed by the artists move between visual narratives of […]

Ler MAis

Amazonian Futurisms : More-than-Human Imaginaries

The starting point of this event was a reflection on the notion of the future based on theoretical and methodological approaches that take the Amazon and its human and more-than-human inhabitants as their central political-speculative context. If the environmental crisis can be translated as a crisis of the Western imaginary—its institutions, philosophical references, modern political […]

Ler MAis

Politics and Poetics of the Rainforest

Indigenous Ontologies in Contemporary Amazonian Arts  To see with the heart is a beautiful expression of the Candoshi Amazonian people. With a sharp poetic sense, this phrase conveys various modes of understanding and establishing relationships with the different forms of life and invisible beings that share the territory with the Indigenous communities of the Amazon […]

Ler MAis