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Linguistic heritage in private hands: comparing materials from the Arawak languages (Peru) with the case of California

In recent years the California Language Archive at the University of California, Berkeley (CLA; has been acquiring archival materials — recordings, dcouments, photographs — on the Arawak peoples of Peru from a group of anthropologists, linguists, and ethnomusicologists who have researched these languages and cultures since the 1960s. Some collections are small, others large. In this presentation I consider the value of these different collections with an eye toward the California context and the various language revitalization projects that the CLA supports through the biennial “Breath of Life” workshop and other visits, which bring dozens of indigenous participants to the university so that they can learn from these materials.

Dr. Zachary O’Hagan, California Language Archive, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley

March, 22, 2024

17 h

Online event