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The formulation of a shaman poetics aims to dynamize relations between extra-Western and Western imaginary powers, focusing on mythopoetic productive webs that operate within the geopolitical space-time that is now called Brazil. It seeks, at the same time, to strengthen “the encounter between different knowledges and the knowledge of the encounter,” by moving pieces of the practical-philosophical system of shamanism from the background of the aesthetic and cosmopolitical scenario of the forest and placing them in the foreground of Brazilian culture. Shaman poetics is understood as a plurinational, metamorphic figuration, whose circulation aims to generate meanings through interethnic, interartistic and intertextual co-presences. It is based on a language permeated by multidisciplinary resonances of literature, performance and “multispecies ethnography” or “anthropology beyond the human.”


October 15, 2024

3 pm (Lisbon time)