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The Monocultures conference brings together specialists from the natural, social, and human sciences to reflect upon the phenomenon of monocultures from a global, eco-cultural perspective by exploring patterns of connection between culture and nature beyond epistemological and disciplinary boundaries. In an era of environmental crises and climate change, this conference will consider monocultures on a global scale, focusing on their ecological and cultural-social impact on the planet. In addition to empirical, ecological knowledge of this phenomenon, it is important to recognize the impact of single-species cultures on human and non-human societies affected by them. The speakers presenting at the congress will reflect upon the environmental problems associated with single-species exploitation of plants and animals, as well as on the prevalence of monocultures of the mind in a globalized world.

February 15-16, 2024

10 am – 5:30 pm

Amphitheatre III, Faculty of Letters, University of Coimbra

In collaboration with the Center for Classical and Humanistic Studies of the University of Coimbra

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