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The advanced course “Community Knowledge and other Expertise in the Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage” that will take place in the summer of 2024 in the city of Quito at the Simón Bolívar Andean University, in partnership with Acción Ecológica, is a space for the training of people interested in understanding nature as a subject of rights and as a social and cultural construction that should be recognized as cultural heritage at the local and global levels.

This course is divided into a theoretical part, in which the premises of cultural heritage will be critically addressed. This discussion will take place in the context of community knowledge and global problems such as extractivism and climate change in ecologically diverse and sensitive places. The course will also have a practical part consisting of field trips, in which the problems surrounding heritage and nature as a living heritage will be addressed.

July – September 2024

Simón Bolívar Andean University

In partnership with Acción Ecológica and Simón Bolívar Andean University